Dalriada provides our clients with a single point of responsibility for the administration of the terms and conditions of the building contract throughout the design, construction, handover and defects liability phases of the project and to ensure that the client’s interests are properly represented at each stage of the project life cycle.
In our experience, the overwhelming cause of problems encountered on projects that have required our involvement is due to insufficient and inadequate administration of the contract by all parties on the project.
We realise that the correct administration of a construction contract is a critical part of the construction process. The process is potentially fraught with high risk and is prone to dispute. It requires personnel with a detailed knowledge, understanding and experience of construction contracts in order to enhance the successful achievement of the project’s goals.

contract administration services include:

  • feasibility studies

  • investment appraisal

  • budget estimating

  • cost planning

  • life cycle costing

  • cost in use studies

  • procurement strategy advice

  • tender and contract negotiations

  • tender documentation preparation

  • bills of quantities preparation as part of tender documentation

  • cross-checking quantities in the employers bills of quantities for contractors at the tender stage

  • cost monitoring

  • cost managementinsurance

  • cost valuations

  • environmental cost management

  • value engineering & risk management

  • commercial tender evaluation

  • evaluation of financial aspects and quantum of contractual claims

  • project auditing for banks and financial lending institutions

  • project final accounting

  • project close-out reports



Dalriada Construction Consultants is a chartered building consultancy registered with the Chartered Institute of Building in the United Kingdom. Our top priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality service at a competitive price.

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