Dalriada has extensive experience and success in the preparation of extensions of time and associated costs claims for contractors and subcontractors in accordance with the contract / sub-contract terms and conditions. We also perform a service for employers and consultants whereby we conduct assessments and rebuttals of extensions of time and associated cost claims that have been prepared by contractors and sub-contractors.
We can prepare claims regarding technical variations on a project that require a detailed explanation and expert knowledge in a particular field, e.g. mechanical and electrical works. Our clients include Besix, Suez Environnement, Group Five, Khansaheb, Al Naboodah, Swissboring, Stellar, Amana Contracting and Steel Buildings, System Construct and EFECO.
Claims preparation & assessment services include:
  • Preparing, structuring and reviewing claims from all parties

  • Claims defence and rebuttal preparation

  • Contractual and legal advice on the aspects of claims

  • Strategic advice provision on the claim and how to obtain optimum benefit

  • Client and contract or representation during negotiations of claims and their settlement

  • Impacted As-Planned Analysis

  • Time Impact Analysis

  • As-Built Analysis

  • Windows Analysis

  • Retrospective Longest Path Analysis

  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis

  • As-Planned Vs As-Built Analysis

  • Time Slice Windows Analysis


Dalriada Construction Consultants is a chartered building consultancy registered with the Chartered Institute of Building in the United Kingdom. Our top priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality service at a competitive price.

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