Dalriada offers expert witness services in construction disputes for the whole project team in accordance with the procedures stated in the various applicable conditions of agreement or contract. We promote the use of more economical and time efficient methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques where, for instance, mediation and conciliation are gaining in popularity.

Our team of dispute resolution specialists are also fully conversant with the activities and requirements relating to both arbitration and litigation procedures dispute resolution services include:

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) advice

  • Amicable settlements, calderbank offers advice

  • Liaison with legal representatives and experts in arbitration and litigation proceedings

  • Mediation and conciliation services

  • Expert witness quantum reports

  • Technical expert assistance

  • Assistance in the preparation of case documents for arbitration and litigation proceedings

  • Statements of evidence preparation 

  • Attendance at procedural hearings and providing evidence 

  • Quantum of claims advice

  • Expert Determination



Dalriada Construction Consultants is a chartered building consultancy registered with the Chartered Institute of Building in the United Kingdom. Our top priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality service at a competitive price.

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